10 New MIUI 9 Features You Should Know


We have been waiting for the next version of MIUI why since what seems like eternity now but well it’s finally here Xiaomi recently previewed MIUI 9 update and the company has just rolled out the very first closed beta well we have got our hands on it so let’s talk about all the made to miui 9 features shell  today I’m going to talk about 10 new miui 9 features.

10 new miui 9 features

Here are 10 New MIUI 9 Features

1 Smart Assistance

Everybody seems to be making smart assistance and well Xiaomi does not want to be left behind miui 9 brings a cool new smart assistance well it’s not a Google assistant alternative it does include a Google now like the page on the home screen like Google now smart assistant brings you various cards for weather apps etc.

it includes a very good all inclusive hunt include, which gives you a chance to look for anything on your device with apps notes contacts or even text when the smart assistant in MIUI 9  is a handy addition indeed.

2 New Home Screen Look

I’ve always liked the customization options in miui home screen, and miui 9 makes it better one of the biggest changes comes in the way you move multiple apps when you select multiple apps you get a preview of how they will be placed on the home screen pages

uninstalling multiple apps takes fewer steps which is something I really like the widgets page gets a makeover too and it looks very similar to stock Android also when you tap on settings in the home screen you get options to change the transition effects the ability to lock the home screen so that nobody can make any changes autofill to place new apps in an organized manner and the more option that brings it as a launcher settings page where you can easily change the default launcher and toggle a few other options overall I really like the home screen changes in miui 9


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3 Split Screen

Android nougat  brought split-screen multi tasking last year and well miui 9 finally bring split-screen multitasking for Xiaomi users to trigger the split-screen mode tap on the recent button and in the multitasking interface you’ll find a button on the top that says let’s screen mode just tap on it and drag the app you want to use it split screen mode to the top then you can choose the second a person side-by-side when the split screen mode works similarly to nougat and the support for DoubleTap to switch to the last time

I also like miui  tells you which apps don’t support the split screen mode yet what I don’t like is there is no way to trigger the split screen mode from inside an app

4 Notification

MIUI 9 finally brings bundled notifications, and I could not be happier Presently, every one of the warnings for the same application are assembled, as in stock Android. You can utilize a two-finger swipe signal to uncover the warnings separately. There’s likewise Quick Reply, enabling you to answer to messages from the notice itself. When for a stock Android fan these additions are certainly welcome there’s something new as well you can swipe left on a notification to see the unimportant option which allows you to group notifications that you want to mute from different acts so all these changes certainly make MIUI 9 notification shade a whole lot better than Miui 8 or any previous miui version

5 Lock Screen Shortcut

miui 9 lock screen looks almost identical to that in  MIUI 8 but just swipe RI furthermore more, you will locate another page demonstrating to all of you the Xiaomi associated gadgets like Mi Home and Mi Remote. There’s additionally an electric lamp symbol which may prove to be useful in specific circumstances. I haven’t found an option to customize the shortcuts but hopefully Xiaomi will include an option in the future

6 New Themes

MIUI 9 might not bring a revamp the UI but it brings three new themes so what’s not to like no boundary color fantasy and coolBlack well all of them are pretty good I really like the no boundary aka the limitless team which brings cool minimal icons and a colorful flat wallpapers well other than that you get the massive theme store like always

7 Updated Animations

MIUI 9 is super sleek and while that is due to xiaomi optimizations the cool transitions to make it look snappy there are some sattle  changes to animations but I really like one particular effect when you open and close an app the app icons animate which isn’t really a big deal but it looks very very cool let me show you here with the phone app see it’s really cool right

8 Smart App Launcher

now this is one feature that hasn’t made it to miui 9 beta we have been able reportedly the feature is exclusive to China users well smart app launcher will read the information in your screen to recommend you apps that you might want to use for instance if you are talking about going to a place in messages or any other app the smart app launcher will recommend you google maps and other travel apps it also brings you contextual info based on what’s on your screen similar to mountain

9 Image search

this is another feature that hasn’t made it to the first miui 9 beta but apparently image search will bring features similar to Google photos for instance you will be able to search for photos based on location people expressions etc.

well it’s exactly like Google photos but in miui 9 gallery

10 MIUI Labs

Miui labs is  to mi ui what system UI tuner is to stock android that’s like miui labs in miui 9 will apparently feature some experimental options and settings right now it has a trigger app strapless feature and I have no idea how it works and what it brings hopefully new miui 9 labs will include some cool features in the future that I actually understand well other than that miui 9 also brings system optimizations resulting in faster app launches and overall smoother performance

Final Words

so those were 10 new miui 9 features you should know about if you want to try out MIUI 9 beta do check out our article on the same in the description below also let us know your thoughts on  MIUI update in the comment section below. Thanks for the reading amazing article on miui 9.


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